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The violet flame is a gift of Love and Healing for humanity from the Ascended Master Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel. St Germain is a very high initiate of the order of the chesed violet flame which is the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit. St Germain is a Master Alchemist and that which was once kept sacred and only available to the highest secret orders, is now available to all, as it is felt that in the Golden Age of Aquarius humankind are ready to use the power wisely!!!

The violet flame is a very high frequency ray of light which can be used for many purposes on a personal level and in our everyday lives.  It is the ray of Mercy, Joy, Transmutation, Higher Cleansing and Forgiveness. It can help us to dissolve lower vibrational energy in our energy bodies and life situations. The more we burn the violet flame brightly through our aura and physical body, not forgetting the mind to absorb and transform negative/lower vibrational mind chatter, the greater the beneficial effects in our life. The violet flame can increase vitality, health, inner wholeness and can also transform relationships and can free up, and increase, our power within.

The violet flame is vital for all Lightworkers and Healers as it is also a flame of joy which can help us to live in joy and harmony so that we may ripple this out into the conscious collective – thus having a highly beneficial impact on all.

Here are my 5 steps for putting the violet flame into action in your everyday lives:

  1. Set aside time each day to invoke in the violet flame. Morning and evening are excellent times.
  2. Place yourself inside a golden orb of God/Source light and say the following invocation:
    “I am the violet flame of mercy, joy, transmutation, higher cleansing and forgiveness. I Am Archangel Zadkiel, I Am Saint Germain. (Trust that the violet flame will always manifest when you call upon it – intention is everything.)
  3. Flow it through your aura and physical body and release back to Mother Earth through your finger tips and toes and let it flow away from you carrying everything with it that needs to be released at this time. Keep repeating as often as you feel necessary.
  4. Flow it through your home, and all people and situations, and the planet, as you feel guided. (Always use this flame with ‘Love’ to assist all – hold the intention and frequency that this is for the highest good of all as you use it.)
  5. Enjoy and feel the joy of working with our beloved Master St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel. The more you release, the more you will allow love, light and joy into your lives and the more you’ll be able to share this with others.

More to come on Archangel Zadkiel’s role in the violet flame in my next blog.