About Angelic Jeanette

About Angelic Jeanette

Angelic Jeanette is an International Motivational Speaker, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Master Healer, Enlightened Channel for the Angel and Galactic Star Realms, Star Councils and  Ascended Masters, Founder and Channel of Galactic Star Heart Quantum Light Healing™, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Love Mastery Empowerment Life Coach, Past Life Regressionist, Facilitator of Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops, Courses, Masterclasses, Healings and Readings for Individuals, Groups and Corporate Events, UK and abroad.

Angelic Jeanette is available for Personal Consultations, in person and online via Zoom, Messenger, Whattsapp and Email. 

Angelic Jeanette has been working with Spirit since she was a child and was called by the Angelic Kingdom of Light to be a channel of healing, knowledge and wisdom in 2004. She has had many profound experiences during her lifetime, including near death experiences, where her team of Spirit Guides and Angels have come to her assistance and have performed magic and miracles before her eyes.  

She was a teacher for many years working with teenagers with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. She has been a natural healer all her life and has also been ‘called’ to work with primary school children, adults and animals to help them heal and move forwards. She has trained in many different healing modalities.  

Angelic Jeanette works closely with Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Star Beings, who join with her for Healings, Readings, Workshops, Courses and Masterclasses. She is passionate about helping humanity re-awaken the ‘Divine Heart’ so all may re-unite in LOVE, thus raising the vibration for humanity and Mother Earth.  She is also passionate about helping Lightworkers and Starseeds remember and re-awaken their multi-dimensional lineage. 

Angelic Jeanette channels light coding, sacred geometry, colour, sound; the language of light, through herself and her clients and groups, anchoring light coding into humanity and the planet. 

Angelic Jeanette’s Message

It is an Honour and Blessing to be incarnate upon this planet at this powerful and pivotal time of New Earth Rising!  I am a Triple Aquarian Golden Age Wayshower and am very passionate about sharing the energy of Divine LOVE with all through my Channelled Workshops, Courses, Healings, Readings and Events.
It is my joy to flow Divine LOVE through the healing
 modalities of Angelic Reiki and the newly birthed Galactic Star Heart Quantum Light Healing™ with all whom are called by their Angels and Star Family to be of higher service for Humanity and Mother Earth.
I very much look forward to hearing from you so that we may have the Golden Opportunity, in this Golden Age of  Empowerment, Transformation and Enlightenment, of working together with our amazing love-light aligned family of Spirit Guides, Angels and Galactic Star Beings, who will help you to move forwards in all areas of your life so you may step into your Divine Power and Truth as the Shining Lightworker you truly are. 
Namaste Beloveds.



One Love – One Heart – One Unified Family of Light

Angelic Jeanette xxx