When you connect with people today, really connect on a deep soul level.  Connect through the eyes (the window to the soul) and through your higher heart (in the centre of your chest). Open yourself up to pure Source light and flow beautiful unconditional love through you and out to the person and really feel your heart, mind and soul speaking words of love to them as you transmit the highest frequency of LOVE through your heart and eyes, say "I love you" (silently or out loud). Feel how good this feels as your heart and energy fields expand during the sharing of pure Divine Love at this highest 5d level. You'll feel happier, lighter and brighter.

You can do this every day and it will really help you to upgrade/elevate your frequency as you open up your heart and soul to become a conduit of pure Divine love.

You can share your love with people, animals, Mother Gaia including trees and flowers etc. Imagine or have the knowing that you are speaking to the spirit of the tree, flower etc and you may see or sense a face looking at you as you share love between you.

It's wonderful to share Love with animals too but please note that some animals feel threatened or scared with prolonged eye contact so do this gently and quickly, if the animal is comfortable with this. If they are not, share love without eye contact.

Bless you for sharing love. I hope you enjoy the journey beloveds.

If you'd like a Healing or Reading or Ascension Guidance, contact me and I'd be honoured to help you: [email protected]

One Love, One Heart, for we are ONE unified field of light.

I'd love to hear how you've shared the love today, tomorrow & onwards - Comment below.