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Healings available For People and Animals:

Angel, Angelic Reiki, Galactic Star Heart™, Past / Future Life, Group/Soul Family, Soul Retrieval, Energy Bio Maintenance, DNA/Lightbody Upgrades.

**New: Amazing Powerful 12th Dimensional Healing**

Enter The 12th Dimension via the Galactic Star Heart Ascension Healing Chamber™. Receive Profound 1:1 Light Coding Ascension Healing and Light Language Transmissions from Your Star Family.

Receive Profound, Deep Soul Healing with all Treatments.

Feel Uplifted, Empowered, Balanced, Healthy, Well and Whole on All Levels.

10% Discount off 60 minute Readings and Healings for Existing Clients during the months of January and February 2020 (offer applies for one session per person).



“My first deep soul healing with Angelic Jeanette was amazing and I could really feel intense angelic energy. I was at ease and it greatly helped my mental stresses.  I could feel colours and energies strong from the angelic realms. Angelic Jeanette works on a deep soul level so it’ll uplift you and help you on all levels. Give Angelic Jeanette a try, you will be delighted. XX”
Carol T, Keighley


“Words cannot express the joy I feel after this most amazing Galactic healing.  Thank you sooo much 🙂 xxx”
Paula R, Rotherham


New! Unique Unicorn© Healing
and Ascension Attunements

Available 1:1 in person and via Skype or Messenger. These extremely high vibrational Unicorn Attunements are Channelled with Love, Exclusively, through Angelic Jeanette Especially For You. You will be gifted with the highest Lightbody and DNA Cellular Memory Activations and Upgrades. You will receive exactly what you need for your Highest Soul’s Development and Growth in this lifetime. These Attunements will  help you to reach your full Divine Potential in this lifetime and live the enriched, abundant life that you were always destined to live. Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance are your Birthright. Claim them now.

Available for a limited time only. Don’t Delay, Book Today!


Unique Unicorn© Attunements, Chanelled, Exclusively, through Angelic Jeanette Especially For You:


Level 1

Release Fear on All Levels from the Cellular Memory. The Highest Vibrational DNA Activations and Upgrades to help you ascend and move forwards in all areas of your life.


Level 2

Claiming your Birthright. Descension of Higher Soul Self, DNA and Lightbody Activations and Upgrades.


Level 3

Rainbow, Crystal and Golden Ray Lightbody Attunements. Living as an Empowered Being of Love & Light on this planet. Standing within your Divine Power and Truth as the Shining Starseed Lightworker you truly are. Accessing the Higher Realms of Consciousness.



Other Healings Available

Other Healings Available


Many Guides, Angels, Masters & Galactic Star Beings connect with us during these healings.  

10% Discount off 60 minute Readings and Healings for Existing Clients during the months of January and February 2020 (offer applies for one session per person)

Special Offers available for people who book a Healing & Reading together
(offer applies to one personal Healing and Reading for 1 person on the same date).

(See Testimonials Section for further feedback on Angelic Jeanette’s Services)

All payments are payable in full, via paypal, 1 week prior to your allocated time slot.
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Telephone if you require further information about any of my Healings or Services.

Bookings are non-refundable but may be transferable, at Angelic Jeanette’s discretion.



Angelic Jeanette offers Personal and Distant Channelled Healings.

In person – Angel, Angelic Reiki, Higher Soul

60 minutes   £75
90 minutes   £99

Distant – Angel, Angelic Reiki, Higher Soul

30 minutes   £45
60 minutes   £75

Distant Animal Healing

Galactic Star Heart™ Healing (Distant)
Includes a Channelling from your Star Family
Exclusively through Angelic Jeanette Especially for You

60 minutes   £99
90 minutes  £125

Galactic Star Heart™ Healing (In person 1:1)

60 minutes   £125
90 minutes  £155

Distant Group/ Soul Family Healings

Past Life Regression, including deep Soul Healing (In person 1:1)

90 minutes £175

Past Life Regression is also available for Animals

45 minutes £75
60 minutes £99

Present/ Future Life Progression, including deep Soul Healing (In person 1:1)

90 minutes £175

Soul Retrieval, including deep Soul Healing (Distant)


Energy Bio Maintenance, DNA/Lightbody Upgrade (Distant)


**New: Amazing, Powerful, 12th Dimensional Healing**

Enter the 12th Dimension via the Galactic Star Heart Ascension Healing Chamber™. Receive Profound 1:1 Light Coding Ascension Healing and Light Language Transmissions from Your Star Family – It is such an Honour to Connect and feel the Love and Support of Your Star Family.

Extremely Powerful Healing to Elevate Your Ascension On All Levels, Across All Dimensions and Realities – Only £155
(Special Offer for a Limited Time Only)**

Group Light Coding and Light Language Transmissions (Distant) – Price available upon request.

VIP Bespoke Healing Packages also available from £155 – please enquire.


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Angelic Jeanette Channels all of her Readings and Healings with integrity, honesty and discernment. She is a natural clairvoyant and clairsentient and may incorporate various spiritual tools, i.e. Tarot/ Angel Oracle cards and psychometry with her readings and colour, sound, crystals etc with her Healings. Please Note that all readings are for guidance purposes only and are not a substitute for personal responsibility. Even the most genuine of services can be open to misinterpretation or misunderstanding and therefore no reading should ever replace your own freewill and judgement. Readings are deemed by Law to be “for entertainment purposes only” and any issues of a legal, medical, financial, business or psychological nature you should contact the appropriate professional. Angelic Jeanette will not read for minors or anyone who appears to have mental health issues or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your personal details will not be passed on to a third party. All Healings are a safe, complementary therapy, however they do not take the place of conventional medicine. You should always consult your GP about acute, chronic or infectious conditions. Healing can work effectively alongside whatever treatment your GP recommends.