7 Week Divine Feminine Love Mastery Empowerment Online Course

This is an Exclusive VIP Course for:

⚜️The Discerning Divine Feminine who is ready to discover the secrets of

embodying her Authentic Power as a Goddess of the Earth, Stars & Beyond

👑A Queen who is ready to Arise & take her next evolutionary steps

in reclaiming her Full Divine Feminine Sovereign Power…

🌹A Priestess who is ready to awaken her Galactic Star Priestess Path & Embody

her Galactic Star Rose Lineage…

Course Start Date: 22nd January 2022 – 7pm-9.30pm (UK time)

Galactic Star Heart Temple of Divine Love

Online Private Zoom Room

Every Thursday thereafter at 7pm-9.30pm for 7 weeks

(If you are unable to attend the Live Event, a replay will be sent to you by email so that you

may participate at a time that is convenient for you)

💛Welcome Beloved SiStars💛

I am overjoyed to announce the birthing of this NEW Divine Feminine Love Mastery Empowerment Online course for the New Golden Age of Enlightenment!

Downloaded and Anchored on to the Newly birthed Golden Earth Timeline during the powerful 12:12 and 21:12:21 Super Solstice Sovereign Stargate Portal Openings, with ongoing infusions of the Highest Sophia Christ Plasma Light!

I feel incredibly humbled and honoured, beyond words, to have been ‘called’ by Great Mother to be a Channel and Wayshower for this incredibly important ‘higher service’ work on this planet to help all rebirth the New Golden Age Timeline, Star Grids & Templates of Love, Peace, Purity, Wholeness, Unity and Oneness.

I am super excited to share sacred space with all SiStars who are ‘called’ by Higher Self to Experience, Embody, Embrace and Enjoy Infinite Higher Levels of Awakening and Expansion of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Health, Abundance, Empowerment & Success.

We look forward to receiving your Glorious Presence.

In love & SiStarhood – we are ONE 💛

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra 💛 xxx

Galactic Star Priestess, Triple Aquarian Ascension Wayshower, Course Founder & Facilitator

picture of angelic jeanette

💛Beloved SiStar Can You ‘Hear the Call’?💛

Join with us for this Amazing NEW Course and Unite with our Global CommUNITY of beloved SiStars in the Galactic Star Heart Temple of Divine Love.  Together we will  journey through the Sophianic & Galactic Star Mystery Schools and receive very Special Honourings, Secret Awakening Codes, Initations and Sacred Ascension Accelerator Activations which have only just become available to humanity!

Together we Unite and weave the New Golden Age of Humanity into creation!

Are you ready Dear SiStar to rebirth the Highest and Greatest Version of You?

Are you ready to relearn the language and codings of your Authentic Self?

Are you ready to fully awaken your Sacred Heart so you may fulfil your Divine Purpose and live your highest life of bliss?

Are you ready to fall in love with self?

Would you like support in becoming a Master Creator, Wayshower and Golden Age Leader?


It is with great joy that I welcome you to this sacred space.  My team of light and I would personally like to thank you for ‘hearing the call’ of your Higher Self to find out more about this powerful Brand New, New Earth Higher Consciousness Love Mastery Empowerment Course for Divine Feminines to fully experience & embrace the love of Divine I Am Presence embodiment in this lifetime so they may flow through the Golden Age in Love, Grace, Ease & Sovereign Empowerment.

This is a truly powerful, Higher Consciousness Love-Filled Journey Like No Other – you will be so overfloweth with self-love that you will never be the same again!!


This Deep Immersive Journey of Self Love, Self Inquiry & Self Realisation is Channelled from the Great Mother & Holy Trinity of Light overseeing our evolutionary quantum leap into the Golden Age.  During this amazing journey of Accelerated Ascension & glorious lovelight filled Sovereign Awakening we will be joined and overlighted by the Great Mother, Holy Trinity & many Divine Feminine Goddesses, Priestesses, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Star Family, Star Councils, Spirit Teams, Overseers, Guardians & Ancestors.

This Course is for all Starseed SiStars & Lightworkers to help you Accelerate Your Personal Ascension Path & Journey Home to Self Love in glorious Multi-Dimensional Divine Sovereign Empowerment Splendour & Glory!

The Highest Divine Teams of Light & I will help you to rebirth the ‘HIGHEST & GREATEST VERSION OF YOU’!

Are you Ready to Connect to a New Higher Level of Self Love, Higher Intuition, Fully Embody Divine I AM Presence Sovereign Self, Raise Your Consciousness to the Highest Level, Anchor in your New Earth Goldprint & fulfil your Highest Divine Purpose on this planet?


We’d be honoured to receive your glorious presence in our Global 💛 Community of SiStars so you too may Discover, Experience & Embody these Brand New, Channelled, Higher Consciousness Golden Earth Divine Feminine Queendom Codes, 12D Higher Cleansings, Healings, Attunements, Initiations & Activations – these are super amazing & super powerful & have NEVER BEEN SHARED BEFORE!!  If you are serious about anchoring your full Divine Sovereign Queendom into physicality & being of Higher Service to Self & this planet, then this is definitely 


Don’t Delay, Accelerate & Supercharge your Ascension Journey Today!!

Super excited to weave Love, Magick, Joy & Abundance into your life Dear SiStars.  I cannot wait to share this amazing accelerated ascension journey with you – you’re gonna love it!!

Beloved SiStar are you ready to flow into 2022 with Passion, Enthusiasm and Confidence in all of your multi-dimensional Divine Sovereign Empowerment splendour and glory?

Are you ready to Reawaken & Experience Self Love at the deepest & highest level you have ever experienced?

Are you ready to Embody Higher Self Divine I Am Presence & connect with your true self?

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Goddess Sovereign Power?

Would you like to Reclaim your Galactic Star Priestess Lineage?

Would you like to experience the profound Love & Joy of uniting with your Angels & Galactic Star Family?

Would you like to return to WHOLENESS as we reunite you with all of your multi-dimensional aspects of Higher Self?

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Personal Ascension Path so that you may fulfil your Higher Purpose?

Are you ready to Reclaim Abundance Consciousness – which is your Divine Birthright?



Let’s join together and UNITE in Love as we weave Divine Love, Light, Magick & Laughter into your life!

We will Supercharge your life so that you may create all that your heart & soul desires for 2022 & beyond…


Read more about this New Channelled Higher Consciousness 7 week Deep Soul Immersion & Initiation Course…

This is a High Level Love Mastery Empowerment Deep Soul Immersive Journey like no other!  Every week you will be guided through NEW processes and Activations, including Daily Ascension Accelerator Exercises, of Higher Self Embodiment, Higher Heart Awakening, Presence and Expansion, where you will receive and experience Angelic & Galactic Higher Cleansings, Healings, Activations & Initiations, Upgrades and Attunements of Higher Sophia Christ Love and Light to fully open all of the Stargates of your Sacred Heart and Reawaken Your Holy Grail, (more on this exciting New Golden Key resurrection to be revealed during the course!), so you may Experience Higher Levels of Love and reclaim the purity of your heart and soul.

These NEW, Super Powerful Golden Earth Sophia Christ Keys, Codes, Grids & Templates will help you to enjoy the highest experience of being ‘Heaven on Earth’ as we resurrect the original Sophia Christ Template within you and humanity!

This is a profound journey of enlightenment for the awakened/awakening Divine Feminine who is ready to Shine her Greatest & Highest Light upon this planet!

Completion of this New Earth Higher Consciousness Course of Self Love, Self Inquiry & Self Realisation will greatly enhance your ability to…

Connect with your Higher Self

Reawaken Self Love at the deepest level

Receive direct guidance from your Higher Self, Angels, Masters, Star Beings & Star Family

Trust your intuition – feel loved and supported and in alignment with fulfilling your Divine life purpose

Welcome home all multi-dimensional aspects of your Soul

Embody Divine I AM Presence

Manifest your highest reality

Live a full, enriched, love-filled, abundant, empowered life of bliss & freedom

Experience the fastest, most powerful ways to Accelerate Your Personal Ascension Path and Supercharge Your Life

Become a powerful, love-centred leader

About the Course

👑Arise Sovereign Queen Arise! Live your highest reality now!👑

Join with us for this journey of deep soul immersion & initiation as we open & access your inner mystery school of love, self mastery & sovereign empowerment through I Am Presence Divine Feminine wisdom.

During this Multi-Dimensional Course, we will access many different Star Systems, Angelic Realms, timelines & dimensional realities and we will be joined by many Angels, Archangels, Masters, Goddesses, High Priestesses, Galactic Star Beings of Light, Dragons, Unicorns, Lyran Lions, Elementals, Ancestors & all who wish to join with us in the time & space.





(If you would like further information, please read on, or if you would like to see if this Course is the right fit for you, book a FREE Clarity Call with Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra, Founder & Facilitator  – Click on the ‘Free Clarity Call’ link below)


This course is life changing and will help you to transform in many beautiful & amazing ways – ways that you may never have imagined!

You will receive the highest love, support & guidance throughout the Course and Post Course support too!


7 Week Divine Feminine Love Mastery Empowerment Online Course

Start Date: 22nd January 2022

7pm-9.30pm (UK time)

Galactic Star Heart Temple of Divine Love

Private Zoom Room

Every Thursday thereafter for 7 weeks – 7pm-9.30pm

(If you are unable to attend the Live Event, a replay will be sent to you by email so that you may participate at a time that is convenient for you)

All Meditations, Transmissions, Activations & Initiations received during this Course contain the highest lovelight frequencies. You will receive Higher Cleansings, Galactic Star & Angel Healings, Sacred Wisdom, Universal Consciousness, Light Encodings, Universal Ray & Holy Fire Initiations & Purifications, Light Language Activations & Attunements, sacred colour, light & sound, movement & flow, channelled through the Founder, Course Facilitator & Ascension Wayshower,

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra, Especially For You!

Week 1 - Embody Your Sovereign Power as a Goddess of the Earth, Stars & Beyond! Sophia Christos Divine Feminine New Earth Golden Template & Divine Goldprint Anchoring, PLUS Special Attunements!

Welcome, Introduction, Meditation, Activations from The Great Cosmic Creatrix Mother Sophia, The Triple Goddesses & The Star Nations to connect you with your Avatar Sovereign Self, Plus everything else that Channels through Especially For You!

Week 2 - Decode & Recode! The Time Is NOW!

Powerful Activations & Attunements to deactivate all old Karmic & Genetic Lineage programs, patterns & behaviours – Recode & learn how to reparent Self (Mother/Father/ Golden Child). Special Higher Heart Love Attunement from the Lady Magdalene, Goddess Kuan Yin & Lady Isis, & their Legions Of Angels, Masters & Star Beings Of Light.  This is an extremely powerful Self-Love Honouring for Your Soul & a Major Catalyst For Change! … Plus Everything Else That Channels Through Especially For You!

Week 3 - 333 Sophia Christos Master Keycode Activations From Holy Sophia & Divine Christos!

333 Christ Keycode Activations From Holy Sophia & Divine Christos & their legions of Angels, Masters & Star Beings of Light, Plus everything else that channels through Especially For You!  EXCITING EXTRA BONUSES WILL BE UNVEILED!!

Week 4 - Introduction To Your Galactic Star Rose Priestess Lineage!

New Earth Update & Divine Love Share.  Meet Your Angels, Star Family & Team of Light who are Assisting you in Reclaiming Your ‘Divine Sovereign Queendom’.  We will journey to the Galactic Star Heart Rose Mystery School and you will receive Powerful High Priestess Initiations & Purification Codes of Creation & Enlightenment, Plus everything else that channels through Especially For You!

PLUS extra bonuses!

Week 5 - Introduction to the Holy Sophia Code – Meet The Powerful Creatrix Sophia Dragons who are here to assist you in your life!

Golden Age of Aquarius Update, Group sharing, Introduction to the Holy Sophia Code, Guided Meditation to meet the powerful Creatrix Sophia Dragons who are excited to connect with you so they may assist you in your life! Receive Sophia Code Sacred Activations for Higher Self embodiment, owning your sovereign divinity and stepping into your Divine Purpose.  PLUS A SPECIAL SURPRISE!!

Week 6 - Walking the Priestess Path - Altars, Crystal Star Grids & Templates, PLUS Cacao Ceremony which includes making your own Celestial Ceremonial Cacao!

Introduction & guidance on how to walk your Priestess Path, creation of an Altar, Crystal Star Grids & Templates, PLUS Cacao Ceremony where you will learn how to make your own Celestial Ceremonial Cacao.  PLUS EXTRA BONUS: Receive a Channelled Crystal Star Grid Template Especially For You!   … & everything else that channels through!

Week 7 - Unity – Oneness - Completion - Activating the 144 Stargates of Your Sacred Heart! Awakening the Greatest & Highest Version of You!

12D Channelled Upgrade Meditation – Holy Trinity Triple Hologram Diamond Sophia Christos Light Upgrades & Ascension Accelerator Activations to fully awaken all of the 144 Master Stargates & pathways of your Sacred Heart, Merkabah Lightbody & 22 DNA Strands to fully embody Higher Self Divine I Am Presence, with the assistance of Great Mother, Holy Trinity Mothers, Holy Trinity Fathers, Holy Spirit, Goddesses, Priestesses, Angels, Masters & Star Beings, Sophia Dolphins, Dragons, Unicorns & Lyran Lions.  You will receive the Highest Cleansings, Divine Galactic Angel Healing, Initiations, Light Encodings, Light Language Activations & Attunements for YOUR HIGHEST SPIRITUAL AWAKENING & integration so that you may walk forwards into 2022 & the New Golden Age with renewed COURAGE, CONFIDENCE & CLARITY in LOVE, PEACE, JOY, UNITY & EMPOWERMENT as THE HIGHEST & GREATEST SOVEREIGN BEING YOU TRULY ARE!.  PLUS SPECIAL HONOURING in the Galactic Star Heart™ Temple of Divine Love to Honour & Celebrate beautiful Divine You 💛

The Next Step will be revealed!  Exclusive Q & A with Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra with SPECIAL CHANNELLED MESSAGE FOR EVERY BEAUTIFUL STAR SiSTAR from their Angels/Galactic Star Family/Team of Light to guide you forwards in CONFIDENCE, CLARITY & JOY!

PLUS many extra bonuses to Accelerate Your Personal Ascension Path and Supercharge Your Life!

PLUS downloadable resources & daily ascension accelerator exercises!

PLUS bonus Q & A’s with Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra!

PLUS free lifetime access to our private Facebook Community – share your awakening journey & receive lots of love & support throughout the Course & Post Course Support too!

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Personal Ascension Path, Raise Your Consciousness to the Highest Level & fulfil your Higher Purpose?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this is the Course for you!!



Book before midnight Thursday 20th January 2022 to receive a Huge 77% Discount

Your Love Investment in You is ONLY £444

(Full Course Price after 20th January is £1,999)

Yes that’s a ‘ONE TIME OFFER’ OF £444 – SAVING YOU £1,555!

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Extra Bonus Offers

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra is offering extra support to attendees of this Course


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Undecided? Wish to find out more? Book a FREE Clarity Call with Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra so we can discuss whether this is the right fit for you!

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Here are some of our beloveds who we will be connecting with during the Course!

Meet the Founder &  Course Facilitator

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra is a Galactic Star High Priestess, International Teacher, Writer and Public Speaker. She is a Mystic and Scholar of the Divine Feminine Wisdom Mystery Schools in Kabbalah, Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness & the Inner Plane Mystery Schools of the Angelic & Galactic Star Realms. Her wealth of knowledge & wisdom spans over four decades in this lifetime, and she brings forth her wisdom from many other lifetimes.

Angelic Jeanette is a Soul Alchemy Coach, Mentor & Ascension Wayshower.  She is a Psychic Channel for the Angelic & Galactic Star Realms, Great White Sisterhood & Brotherhood, Galactic Federation & Star Councils. She is an International Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Healer and the Founder and CEO of Angelic Ascension Academy, Spiritual School of Healing, Knowledge & Wisdom & the Founder of the Galactic Star Heart™ New Earth Ascension Mystery School of Higher Consciousness and Divine Love.  She facilitates Galactic Star Heart Quantum Light Practitioner TrainingWorldwide!

💛Message from Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra💛

“Hi Beloved SiStar 💛  I am truly honoured and humbled that you have been guided here to find out more about this higher consciousness Divine Feminine Love Mastery Empowerment Course.  I am overjoyed to be of Higher Service as the channel for this Divine work which is vital for the New Earth in the Golden Age of Aquarius.  It is my joy and blessing to help all Starseed SiStars, Lightworkers & Earth Angels awaken to their Highest Divine Potential.  I love seeing people blossom before my eyes once my Team of Light & I assist them to reconnect to their Higher Self and awaken their Sacred Heart.  I have worked with Spirit since I was 2 years of age – this is my first conscious recollection of speaking with spirit people and angels.  I love channelling through everything that the Soul requires to help it fully awaken in its full multi-dimensional I Am Presence splendour & glory.  I would truly be honoured if you choose to join with this beautiful, amazing, love-centred Global CommUNITY and embark upon this profound highest journey of Ascension & Awakening.  You will be lovingly supported throughout and post-course support too!! 

In Love, Light, Joy, Service & Oneness Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra 💛 xxx”

What people are saying! 

(Many more testimonials on the Website)

Wow Wow & Wow!

“Wow what an amazing Workshop! It was so powerful!
If you want an amazing Higher consciousness experience and journey like no other then this is it! The higher cleansings,  activations and manifestation was incredible!! Do not hesitate to attend the replay of this magickal workshop, it will greatly help you shift forwards on your path of Ascension and improve your health and wellbeing too 🙌😇🙏
I never know what to expect when we do a workshop with Angelic Jeanette and she never ceases to amaze me with her channelled guided meditations, transmissions and activations.
During this workshop we journeyed as a group through the moon and sun stargate portals and met our personal unicorn 🦄, gold dragons of atlantis, Lady Portia, Master Merlin, Archangels and many more beautiful Angels and beings of light!😇🌈♥️
I don’t want to tell you everything to spoil the surprise! You really need to do this to believe how amazing is it 😇🙌🌈🙏
We also created a Divine Temple of love to create a Divine Universal Connection for Higher Service to help humanity as well as our beautiful Mother Gaia 🌏🌷🥀🌻🌳
Thank you again Angelic Jeanette for your beautiful work, we are so lucky to have you on this planet xxx” ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Karen Lomax, UK

Powerful & Beautiful!

“The 12:12 Galactic Portal opening workshop and meditation with AngelicJeanette She Hu Ra on Monday was so deep and beautiful—just the reminder I needed to believe in myself and my service to the Divine Plan for humanity of Love and Light that is being unfolded by the Masters, Archangels and all Legions of Light at this time.  It is easy to fall into the winter blahs and to have continued worries about the Covid Virus, but with Jeanette’s lovely guidance & powerful channellings, I find I am back in a place of peace as I get in touch with who I really am. Thank you ❤” 

Jeanette Wood, Canada

Truly Amazing!

“Hi Angelic Jeanette, thank you so so much for the Angelic Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree Training. Wow such an amazingly beautiful experience. I was blown away from start to finish. I absolutely loved every second of it. The cleansings, healings and attunements were so powerful. Highest level power!!  I’m so grateful to have met and felt the love of the Angels and to have experienced their beautiful, powerful healing energy. After the weekend of training I am honoured to be an Angelic Reiki Healer and now able to carry on working with my own personal healing angel, angels, archangels and ascended masters on my own healing journey and to assist in helping others is not just a gift it is my ‘calling’. Angelic Jeanette you are such a wonderful teacher. You make things simple and easy to understand. So much love and gratitude to you. Thank you so so much. I can’t wait to work with you again in the future. I can’t recommend you enough. You and your work are truly amazing 💗💗💗💗💗xxx
AnneMarie, York, UK

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