Calling in the Guardians of LeMUria

You are invited to unite with your LeMUrian Family

for this ‘Once in a Lifetime’

5D Planetary Ascension Mission &

Higher Self Embodiment Retreat

+ Summer Solstice Ceremony, Celebration & Activations

11 – 22 June 2024



2024 Time to Unite & Rise Together!

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of LeMUria,

we are being ‘called’ to Higher Service!

This is a ‘Divine Calling’ & Your Sacred Invitation to Unite with your LeMUrian Soul Family for this vital 5D Planetary Ascension Mission in Hawaii…

Can you feel Mother MU calling you?

Whispering your name

Calling you Home…

Dear LeMUrian Family, the time is now for us to reunite once again in a pure heart embrace.

Divine Mother of the ancient waters is calling her children from all over Gaia to unite with her heart.

LeMUria is now rising and we are the portal, remembering our star origins as Keepers of the Sacred Waters of Mother Gaia.

Calling in the Guardians of the Sacred Codes.  We are gathering in the holy land of Hawaii in the crystalline waters to restore the new Template of Pure Love and Unity for humanity.

Together, with the Council of 13 Star Mothers and Grandmothers, we are being guided to activate the Golden Light Rose Print of Divine humanity of the Golden Earth, returning to Paradise on Earth, returning to purity and innocence in humanity.

If you have been yearning and felt that deep Soul longing to return home, or you have been hearing the ancient voices of the whales, dolphins, mermaids or turtles, you are being ‘called’ now to rise and return home to pure love.

You are being called to reunite with your LeMUrian Soul Family and take your seat at the planetary Ascension Mission to co-create and restore the Divine crystal grid and heartbeat of Mother Gaia and her people.

Our beloved Mother Earth, the nurturer of all life on this planet, can no longer sustain the high level of abuse of her sacred resources and life of duality.

She is calling her Guardians to take action NOW, calling you back to her sacred womb of harmony to restore the sacred codes of life, in unity, purity and innocence in united humanity.

We have heard her voice calling through the ages and now our heart is guiding us back home to the Motherland.

She is awakening her codes to help us remember how sacred life on Earth is, to remember our water brothers and sisters…

She is calling her Guardians NOW!

This is a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to unite with your LeMUrian Soul Family.

Together we weave the Golden Earth!

Have you been feeling the deep Soul yearning to be united with your LeMUrian Sisters and Brothers?

Have you been feeling the readiness to step into your Divine Mission as a Leader of New Golden Earth?

Are you ready to experience pure love, joy and oneness with dolphins, whales, turtles and merbeings and become a LeMUria Star Guardian of the sacred waters of Mother Gaia?

YES beloved your Soul is ready and has guided you here.

Welcome beloveds

Experience the Ultimate Spiritual Retreat in Hawaii

This Exclusive 12 Day In-Person Planetary Ascension Journey, on the breathtaking ancient land of Hawaii, is your portal to multi-dimensional awakening, higher self realisation, activation of your MU DNA and integration of your Crystal Water Heart

We unite with 5th generation Hawaiian Elders, we practice Sacred Hawaiian Ancestral Rituals and Rights of Passage and experience Sacred Initiations

 Beloveds join us on this 12 day Sacred Soul Journey.  The Golden Dragons, the Pink Dolphins and Mother Whale are calling you home, singing the sacred song of your heart. Hear the whisper of Ancient LeMUria, Paradise is calling you home.  The Time is now to return back to Pure Love, to Gather and Rise together as the MU Soul Family and weave goldenlight humanity.

 Unite with Mother’s crystal heart and oceanic womb, immerse in the infinite crystalline waters, reclaim your MU Codes and feel embraced with gentleness and love in the pure bliss of Mother Ocean.

We invite you to join us in majestic and ancient volcanic lands of Hawaii in divine union dolphin frequency as we anchor the goldenlight roseprint and return to our Inner Paradise.

You are being Soul Called to this ecstatic soul  experience, surrendering to the exquisite journey of restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation swimming with the dolphins, whales, restoring your crystalline LeMUrian DNA… experience the yangzu Aquatic healing, multidimensional Divine Union Quantum Activation, lomi lomi message, breathtaking sunsets, Daily breathwork, Yoga and meditations.

Enjoy a healthy organic island-fresh breakfast and fresh organic juice prepared by our local chef Janine.

Immerse yourselves in multi-dimensional one heart bliss Diamond Divine Union experience, receive unique personal experience of ancestral, inner childhood and past life healing, restoration and rejuvenation.

You will be guided through a powerful multi-dimensional Activations into deeper Embodiment of Inner Divine Union, restoring inner wholeness, allowing you to expand into pure bliss, your inner paradise,

Aligning with the inner alchemy, eternal Innocence and Purity.

 This Heavenly experience  will support you to remember your Inner Paradise by opening your inner Heavenly Gateways to feel more ecstasy and healing and rewiring your nervous system to deeply receiving Bliss, Divine Love and build Inner Worth and Wealth and in the nervous system.

The combination of Yangzu and communing with dolphins will cradle you into rebirthing into inner Golden Child.

 In the evening we will enjoy a beautiful dinner with fresh island ingredients on the lanai overlooking the ocean after which you receive a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage that completes the anchoring of the Edenic Bliss Activation fully into your system.

 This is the ultimate nourishing, blissful and heavenly retreat experience for those ready to live in pure bliss, heart unity.

Reunite with your beloved Dolphin family

for fun, joy, laughter and healing!

Your 12 Day Itinerary will be provided on request

Join our Celebrations with beloved Mother Whale in the sacred waters of ancient Lemuria!

2024 is the year to say ‘YES’ to you!

This is your Golden Opportunity to be a part of this Sacred Planetary Mission!

Beloved Guardians of Lemuria




Join with us LIVE IN HAWAII for this Exclusive 12 Day VIP Planetary Ascension Experience

Step into your role as a New Earth Leader 

Be of the Highest Service to Humanity & Mother Earth

Transform on all levels of your being & life


Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra!

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra serves as a High Priestess, Divine Channel for the Angel & Galactic Star Realms, Ambassador for the Galactic High Council & the Star Mother Council. She is the Guardian of the Golden Rose & Founder of the Golden Rose Priestess Temple of New Earth.  She is a Triple Aquarian New Earth Leader & Stargate Activator, luminary & visionary.

Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra helps Divine Feminine Leaders & Golden Age Luminaries unlock their full sacred multi-dimensional potential to embody their highest Divine Purpose & fulfil their Soul Mission.

She is a Master Activator of Humanity’s New Light Codes & Golden Universe Stargates & for many years has been guided to travel to sacred sites across the Globe activating the Star Grids, Star Templates & New Temples of Light.  Her mission & passion is to help Starseeds, Lightworkers and New Earth Leaders to activate & elevate so they remember who they are and why they are here so they may step into their Divine Purpose & Mission.

She is a High Priestess & Channels the Divine lineages of the Mystery Schools of Isis, Magdalene, Avalon, Lyra, Galactic Star Heart & the Golden Sun Tribes.  She embodies Queen Nefertiti in this lifetime & is the Guardian of Divine Mother’s Celestial Rose.

“I am humbled & honoured beloved that you heard ‘the Call’ to join with Your LeMUrian Soul Family for this sacred & vital Planetary Ascension Mission which is very dear to my heart.  I have had the honour of working with Whale Mother, the dolphin kingdoms & the ancient Merpeople Star Beings of MU for many lifetimes, & I too have heard ‘the Call’ to go and assist. In LOVE we rise.  Can’t wait to meet you. Angelic Jeanette She Hu Ra 💛🐬🌊🐋🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️☀️” 

Isis Gaia

Isis Gaia is a mystic at heart, a lover of the ancient mysteries, the stars, the sun, the dolphins & sacred waters.   She is a guide, channel, alchemist, visionary & passionate artist of life.  When she was 20 years old she had a car accident & has seen the light of other dimensions & received codes for her mission on earth.

✨️For the last seven years she has been travelling activating the leylines in latín América, Europe, Egypt with goldenlight humanity codes.✨

She has a strong memory of many past lives in Lemuria and she is called back to initiate into rememberance the human family. She is the founder of the Golden Rose Mystery school initiating divine feminine & masculine leaders to re-claim their priestess lineages, ancient soul gifts & to birth their sacred mission as leaders of light of the New Earth. She guides pilgrimages to sacred places such as the Andes in Peru, Mongolia, Mexico, Egypt to help us remember our sovereignty, our divinity & our Sacred mission on earth. She also founded PURE GOLD an elixir that carries the christ light codes.  Isis speaks English, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, English & some Farsi. 

She is humbled & inspired to guide you on this divine journey of the Lemuria Rising experience in Hawaii.



Join with your Lemurian Sisters & Brothers to create

‘Heaven on Earth’

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